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17 Tips To Help Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

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You've probably already tried to shrink your grocery bill before, but without any luck.

Maybe you tell yourself every week "I'm not going to pick up anything extra today" but end up doing it anyways. You're not alone! Food is the hardest part of your budget to keep under control, and grocery stores don't want to help you save money.

But we promise that if you stick to the 17 tips in this guide you will start seeing incredible savings on your grocery bill. The key is to spend a bit more time planning your trip every week. With a little knowledge you'll be a cost-cutting pro in no time!

1. Buy veggies and cheese in bulk

Now that stores like Costco have become popular, we've gotten used to buying our groceries in huge sizes to save money. The one part of the store where this trend hasn't caught on (yet) is the produce department. You can buy lots of your favorite veggies (as well as cheese) when prices are low, then freeze them for later.

2. Stick to one trip a week

The grocery store is designed to make you spend money, so it pays to go there as little as possible. Plan one big trip a week and you're already saving money on gas.

3. Make a list (seriously!)

Sure we all scribble down "milk, cheese, eggs" before we leave the house, but then we're surprised when we splurge on things we don't really need. Sit down for at least 10 minutes and really think of what you need to buy today. It helps if you...

4. Plan half your meals

Knowing what you want ahead of time really lets you narrow down your list, plus it means you'll have leftovers during the week. For best results, plan around what's cheap in this week's flyers.

5. Learn the produce seasons

Certain fruits are as much as 40% cheaper when they're in season, and it's easy to check which ones using this guide. To make the most of the season, buy lots of smaller fruits like berries when they're discounted and freeze them.

6. Don't be tricked by sales

If your family hates lima beans, it's not a deal to get three cans of them for $1. Be sure to look out for sales on things you already buy, but don't add anything to your cart just because it's discounted.

7. Learn you most common purchases

Saving $10 on your store's deal of the week is great, but to make a big impact on your bill you need to focus on food you buy every week. Keep track of the 10 items you always pick up and compare nearby stores to find the best deals.

8. Check what's in your kitchen

If you buy an extra container of honey because you didn't realize there was a full one at home, that's money wasted. Every month or so give your cupboards a cleaning and take stock of what you own.

9. Cook what's in your kitchen

You may open your fridge and see "nothing," but odds are you actually have enough for a delicious family meal. Websites like SuperCook let you search for recipes using the ingredients in your fridge.

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