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Over 175 Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Released

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During his long career in Hollywood, photographer Milton H. Greene managed to capture all of the city's biggest stars.

One of Greene's photos of Frank Sinatra.Milton H. Greene

Greene shot movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, as well as musical icons like Frank Sinatra. But of all of his celebrity subjects, his photo shoots with Marilyn Monroe are the most famous. Not only because Monroe remains one of Hollywood's biggest names, but also because she had a unique relationship with Greene.

An unused picture from a magazine photo shoot.Milton H. Greene / Joshua Greene

Monroe met the photographer during a magazine photo shoot in 1953 and the pair became fast friends. They stayed close for years, and Greene even helped the actress escape her restrictive contract with 20th Century Fox. Greene co-founded Marilyn Monroe productions with the actress.

Monroe rides on an elephant at the announcement party for the creation of Marilyn Monroe Productions.Milton H. Greene / Joshua Greene

While Greene photographed Monroe multiple times for magazines and promotional art, he also had dozens of private photo shoots with Monroe. The actress would steal an outfit from her wardrobe department and pose for a few photos on the studio backlot between takes.

Monroe poses as a palm reader.Milton H. Greene / Joshua Greene

Now, a new book is collecting hundreds of Greene's photos of Monroe, and the never-before-seen pictures are stunning...

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