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18 Vintage Tupperware Sets That Will Totally Take You Back

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Tupperware parties were all the rage in the '70s. Like Mary Kaye cosmetics, this line of products really opened the doors for stay-at-home moms.

Not only was it durable, simple and effective, but it was great for families with little kids. We could drop, toss, spill and bang our cups, plates and bowls as much as we liked without our parents worrying about broken glass and boo-boos.

Here are 18 vintage Tupperware sets that are a total flashback to your Kool-Aid drinking days!

1. Cups with lids that became saucers!

2. These were great for potato salad!

3. All the orange

4. This meat marinader

5. EVERYONE had this pitcher

6. Deviled Egg Set

7. We chewed the heck out of these sippy cups

8. This Picnic Set for our PB&Js

9. We had hundreds of these!

10. These tumblers were fun for stacking!

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