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21 Animals And Celebrities Doppelgangers That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Digital Spy/John Hart

They say there are approximately seven people in the world who look just like you, but that number doesn't include animals.

It's unlikely that you'll meet all of your doppelgangers in your lifetime, but thanks to the internet, the chances you'll see their pictures on the web is significantly better - especially if you're a celebrity.

While stars are constantly flanked with attention, it's not necessarily the positive kind. When you're in the spotlight, you have to take the public's comments with a grain of salt, even if it holds more than a smidge of truth.

This includes when the public comes to the conclusion that the biggest stars in the world hold a striking resemblance to an array of animals, whether they are flattering or not.

Have your doubts? Well, put on your glasses, because these 21 animal lookalikes will definitely make you do a double take.

1. Richard Branson and this dog

While this is another animal lookalike that stars wouldn't want to boast about, this dog is a spitting image of Richard Branson.

The founder of Virgin Records and this white haired pup have so many physical traits in common, it's impossible to deny they are animal-human doppelgangers. From the same hairstyle to tiny eyes and nose, can you really tell who's who?

2. John Travolta and this pitbull

John Travolta is known in Hollywood for his range in acting roles, broad frame and gorgeous blue eyes.

While we might not see this pitbull in any blockbuster films, he has the Grease star's two other attributes down to a T.

3. Cher and this afghan hound

Cher is known for her amazing vocals and being a trendsetter of her time. This entertainer never failed to wow us with her incredible costumes and one-of-a-kind beauty.

This afghan hound is also a gorgeous animal, who shares Cher's silky, sleek hair.

4.Wallace Shawn and a seal

While it may not the best animal to be compared to, it certainly isn't the worst. This seal is adorable and the duo stare the same lovable grin.

5. Rowan Atkinson and this owl

Rowan Atkinson, most commonly known for his role as Mr. Bean, has a distinct look no other person could replicate. But, that doesn't mean an animal can't.

While it may not be the most flattering animal comparison, you can't deny Atkinson and this owl don't have the same bulging eyes and long, sharp nose.

6. Danny DeVito and this panda

Danny DeVito never fails to entertain us with his wacky persona in all of his hilarious acting roles. From Taxi to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this actor shares more than just his comedic stylings with the panda bears.

If you look closely, you'll notice DeVito and and this panda share the same round, jolly face and welcoming smiles.

7. Iggy Pop and this hairless cat

With the help from The Stooges, music legend Iggy Pop had once graced the world with iconic hits such as "Search and Destroy" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog."  

Sadly, like most musicians from the 70s, he hasn't aged well. This is particularly true when he takes his shirt off at concerts, showing off his bare, wrinkly chest. If his appearance looks familiar, it most likely is, because the former Stooges frontman has become a dead ringer for a hairless cat.

It may not be the most flattering comparison, but what can you do, besides put on a shirt?

8. Adrien Brody and this lesula monkey

Adrien Brody and a lesula monkey
Digital Spy/John Hart

While Adrien Brody is a talented actor, it's safe to say he isn't the most handsome celebrity to walk the red carpet.

Even though his personality could make up for his unique appearance (I've never met him so I'm only hypothesizing here), it's hard to unsee the mind-blowing resemblance to lesula monkey.

Is this a harsh comparison? Maybe. But, is it true? Absolutely.

9. William H. Macy and this dog

William H. Macy is an Emmy Award-winning actor that has facial features unique to him in Tinseltown.

While he definitely has a signature look in the film industry, there is one dog out there who would make you believe you're seeing double. This canine's entire facial structure resembles the Shameless star, with their matching drooping eyes, being the icing on the cake.

10. Jamie Hyneman and this cat

Known for his signature beret, Mythbuster co-host Jamie Hyneman has a style that you can spot a mile away.

Along with his iconic goatee, Hyneman looks like the carbon copy of this sophisticated cat, who's sporting a nicely groomed moustache of its own.

11. Snoop Dogg and this real dog

While he's gone through several name changes, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. will always be known as Snoop Dogg to us.

But, adding the word "Dogg" into his stage name isn't the only thing he shares with some canines. The Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party cohost is the mirror image of this dog, and we bet if we could hear the animal talk, it would say the exact same thing.

12. Michael Cera and this sloth

An inherently lazy creature, sloths are known for their adorable appearance, which can make even the toughest person's heart melt.

While Michael Cera doesn't radiate the same feeling, you can't help the Superbad actor and this sloth are practically identical if you forget about the latter's body hair. Just look at their exact same eyes and smile!

13. Vladimir Putin and this dog

While you can say many things about Vladimir Putin, one surefire fact is that if he were born a dog, he'd look like the one shown on the left.

Even without a visual of the Russian President's face for comparison, you'll notice the resemblance without even having to take a second glance.

14. Adam Driver and this cat

Along for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, Adam Driver is also known for his memorable looks.

Even though some may be skeptical over this celebrity finding an animal doppelganger, there's no perfect match like Driver and this cat. Between the distance between the eyes, oval face and big ears, you need to clean your glasses if you don't see the resemblance.

15. Steve Buscemi and this dog

Poor Steve Buscemi. The public is always making wise cracks over the actor's looks, instead of focusing on his talent.

So, it's a good thing dogs don't understand English, because with this good boy's sad-looking, wide eyes, it doesn't look like it could handle the criticism.

16. Donald Trump and this caterpillar

Even before he became president, Donald Trump was known for his blond combover. While it's hard to imagine him without his hairdo, he's not the only one who sports the same style. This hairy, yellow caterpillar is an exact duplicate for Trump's quintessential look. It's good to know if the former The Apprentice host ever goes bald, he'll have a makeshift wig already at hand.

17. Gordon Ramsay and a shar pei

Even though Gordon Ramsey is known for being a michelin star chef and a huge fan of the F-word, that doesn't mean he doesn't have any other noticable characteristics.

A handsome Brit, Ramsey has aged well through his years on television, with only a few forehead wrinkles having emerged overtime. He shares this prominent attribute with shar peis, who are identified with their deep set folds of their own.

18. Eugene Levy and this cat

Eugene Levy's two most iconic features are his glasses and eyebrows. While this kitten doesn't require bifocals, his black fur looks like brushy eyebrows that'll even give the American Pie star a run for his money. Talk about twins.

19. Harrison Ford and a yellow lab

Another Star Wars cast member, Harrison Ford was known in the 70s and 80s for his nail-biting action flicks and heartthrob status.

While this golden lab may not be a star, it shares Ford's classic smirk and dashing good looks.

20. Ron Perlman and this cat

Ron Perlman has a face you could pick out of a crowd, without even taking a second glance. His strong jaw helps him land roles as a tough guy in every character he portrays, and we couldn't imagine him any other way.

While it isn't often we find people with such defined jawlines as the Hellboy star, this orange tabby cat blows any other human lookalike out of the water. Aside from Perlman, I don't think I've seen any entity on earth with such a defined jawbone.

21. Salvador Dali and Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Salvador Dali was one of the most remarkable painter of the 20th century. Along with his incredible surrealism artwork, Dali was known for his trademark moustache, which was always waxed to perfection.

This cat on the other hand doesn't have to tend to his facial hair with the same dedication as his white fur mimics Dali's signature curved moustache as well.

Do you see the resemblance between these animals and celebrities?

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