21 Illustrated Household Tips From 100 Years Ago

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21 Illustrated Household Tips From 100 Years Ago

If you have kids, they probably still love to collect trading cards. It may seem odd to think that these collectibles for children used to come in cigarette packages, but they have an interesting history,

Cigarettes would be packaged with a cardboard card to keep the package from crushing. Eventually, companies would put designs, or pictures of celebrities and athletes on them (this was how baseball cards were invented).

But one company, Gallagher's Cigarettes, put their own spin on the cards by making helpful "how-to" cards with illustrations on one side and explanations on the other. We've put together 21 of the most interesting ones from the New York Public Library's digital collection of the full set.

Be warned: this advice is a century old, so take some of it with a grain of salt.

1. Make a water filter

2. Check for rotten eggs

3. Tie knots

4. Remove a wedding ring

5. Revive dying flowers

6. Chill wine with no ice

7. Pull out nails

8. Making potatoes

9. Homemade fire extinguisher

10. Light a match in the wind

11. Thinly slice bread

12. Water plants while you're on vacation

13. Separate drinking glasses

14. Clean a soiled handkerchief

15. Stop a speeding horse

16. Boiling eggs

17. Measuring using coins

18. Kill a tree stump

19. Hold a heavy pitcher

20. Use a watch as a compass

21. Remove a splinter

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