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21 Weird Myths You Might Still Believe About Your Hair


You may believe them, or maybe you don't, but it's certain that you've at least heard a few of these hair care myths growing up.

Whether it's a common misconception about redheads having a red-hot temper or a wild mane that's sucking all your brain's energy, at least one of these myths has been passed down from generation to generation.

Which one do you remember?

Hair Color Myths

1. A red-haired person is widely held to have an hot temper. While they may be courageous, they're quick to anger.

2. Some people believe that it's lucky to run your fingers through red hair.

3. Fair hair is a sign of a weak nature.

4. Black hair suggests great strength and virility and is also lucky.

Hair Texture Myths

1. If you have straight hair, you're cunning.

2. People with curly hair are good tempered.

3. Those who have a cowlick curl are naturally lucky.

4. Any woman who suddenly develops curls at the temples where her hair was previously straight should check her husband's health, because he doesn't have long to live.

5. If you want curly hair, eat the crusts of newly baked bread.

6. If your hair was too long, you would never marry:  "with hair below the knee never a bride to be."

7. If you have bushy hair, you must be dim-witted, because it diverts nourishment that should go to the brain. Sorry, Einstein.

According to old traditions, our hair can tell us a lot about ourselves... or can it?

Pull your hair back from your face - do you have this hairline? If it points down in an inverted triangle on your forehead, ancient lore predicts a sad future ahead...

Hairlines Myths:

If your child has two crowns:

1. In Wales, they believe it is a sign of future luck with money

2. In Scotland, your child will never drown.

3. The English believe it portents a future of traveling the world.

4. A woman with a 'widow's peak' is destined to become a widow.

Hair Myths For Men:

1. In ancient times, victorious soldiers sometimes hacked the beards off their enemies because a hairy chest and luxurious facial hair was a sign of strength and is therefore lucky.

2. Boys who grow a lot of hair on the arms and on the backs of the hands are destined to become wealthy men.

3. Hair on the palms of the hand is a sign of insanity.

Hair Grooming Myths

1. In Scotland, if a woman combs her hair after dark, while friends or family are at sea, she's putting them in grave danger.

2. Many Americans believe hats should not be too tight, because this will cause hair to thin.

3. For hair to grow back quickly, cut it when the moon is waxing. But if you cut hair when the moon is wane, it will stay short and lose its shine.

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