5 Things You Should Avoid If You're A Pisces

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5 Things You Should Avoid If You're A Pisces


It's no secret that those who aren't a Pisces wish they were. There are so many traits we admire about individuals born between February 19 and March 20.

Pisces possess some of the strongest qualities any human being can have. They're creative, adventurous, emotional, intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate.


There's no doubt we all love to be around a Pisces, but if there's not enough balance in the life of Piscean, their emotions can get the better of them.

Here are five things every Pisces should avoid to lead a healthy and happy life.

1. Fake People

We all know fake people are toxic, and the reality is that other signs are better equipped to deal with them. Pisceans find it difficult to open up to people because they're afraid to get hurt. While these emotional creatures tend to wear their heart on their sleeve, it's important they don't waste their energy on fake people. If a Pisces doesn't remove themselves from a fake relationship, they're going to be emotionally crushed once the relationship falters.

2. Overwhelming Emotions

Pisceans are emotional, which means they shouldn't spend too much time around other super emotional signs, such as an Aquarius. The mix of overwhelming emotions can damage a Pisces's outlook on life. They already see life as a journey, but whether it's a positive or negative one greatly depends on their mindset, which is mainly affected by their emotions.

3. Feeling boxed in

Pisceans love their alone time, in fact, they require it to function to the best of their ability. However, a Pisces is neither a follower or a leader; they're simply independent. Like fish, they go with the flow, and seek to enjoy life to the fullest when they take the reigns. If a Pisces starts feeling boxed in, they may jeopardize their creative and intuitive abilities. Once this starts to happen, their emotions get the best of them and they feel powerless.

4. Materialistic Things

The highly compassionate Pisces knows that it's what's on the inside that matters. People should be judged based on who they are, rather than on what they have. Money is great, but they also know that money comes and goes. On the off chance that a Pisces forgets this, they start to feel alone and depressed.

5. Being too unrealistic

Pisceans have their head in the clouds and are always looking to escape reality. That's all good, and it's definitely needed for a Pisces to feel comfortable in their own skin, but unrealistic expectations will only make them feel defeated. They must remember that it's a healthy blend of optimism and pessimism that allows people to achieve great things in the world.

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