Over 50? You Should Eat These 7 Foods Every Day

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Over 50? You Should Eat These 7 Foods Every Day

As we get older we're reminded over and over how important calcium is. We mainly think of calcium when it comes to keeping our bones strong and healthy, but nearly every part of our body relies on this nutrient.

Eventually, our bodies start having trouble taking calcium out of the food we eat and take the calcium from our bones instead. This leads to painful conditions like osteoporosis.

Doctors recommend 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day for men and 1,200 for women. That's as much as four glasses of milk. If you're struggling to add enough dairy to your meals to reach your daily goal, there are 7 easy (dairy free) ways to boost your calcium intake.

1. Eat more leafy greens

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Foods like spinach and broccoli are full of calcium, and they won't upset your stomach like a plate of cheese. Just remember not to microwave them!

2. Have eggs for breakfast


If you're taking a calcium supplement you're also probably taking one for vitamin D. This nutrient helps your body absord calcium, and you'll find a lot of it in eggs.

3. Enjoy some seafood

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Foods like salmon, shrimp and anchovies are all good sources of calcium. Plus, fish is healthy for your heart and your brain.

4. Choose calcium-fortified foods

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Food-makers know that lots of people want to live healthier as they get older, so you can buy everything from orange juice to granola bars with added calcium.

5. Cut out soft drinks


We know this comes up in every healthy living post but it's great advice! Soda is full of phosphates that suck up the calcium in your food, so this should be the first change you make to get more calcium.

6. Try bone broth

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Bone broth has developed a reputation online as being full of calcium but it actually isn't. What it is a great source of is collagen, which builds strong bones. Add some calcium-filled veggies like okra and you have a healthy, tasty meal.

7. Have more beans

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Beans are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Not only are they a good source of calcium, but also protein - which can help fight fatigue.

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