8 Celebrity Power Couples We Didn't Even Know Were Dating


8 Celebrity Power Couples We Didn't Even Know Were Dating

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Love is a beautiful thing. While not all relationships can stand the test of time, it makes us realize how important it is to cherish the partner we choose to spend our life with.

However, just because one relationship ends, it doesn't mean another romance won't eventually blossom in its place. It's not unusual that people find the "one" after going through a few heartbreaks and set backs.

Even celebrities face these trials and tribulations, but despite their failed romances, they've gotten back into the dating game, and inspired us to believe there is in fact a special someone for us all.

1. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

While their relationship has been a hot topic on the rumor mill for the past couple of years, 2018 was the year Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx finally made their relationship public, confirming the romance everyone knew existed for ages.

They first acknowledged their relationship back in January at Clive Davis's annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala when they sat together at the same table. Holmes tried to hide their romance from the public by moving seats when Davis was about to announce Foxx's presence, but was called out by the high-profile record producer.

"This lady left the room right when I was going to introduce her, she was sitting at that table right with Jamie Foxx and everyone else," Davis said. "If you're going to sit together what better night than tonight?"

Back in September, the pair were seen holding hands on the beach, but were again mum on their Malibu stroll.

The couple "sat down very close to each other, chatting for a while outside, and spoke rather intimately" a source told Entertainment Tonight.

"They looked like a pair of young kids in love," the source added. "Katie looked great. She appeared to be enjoying herself and looked happy."

2. Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick

While fans were mourning the demise of Aaron Rodger's relationship with Olivia Munn, he was quick to find a new love in Danica Patrick.

After being seen pretty cozy on several dinner dates, Patrick confirmed her romance with the Green Bay Packer football player in an interview with the Associated Press.

"Yes, Aaron and I are dating," Patrick revealed.

In another interview with For the Win, the NASCAR driver said their relationship was taken to the next level after several years of friendship.

"We've just been sort of friends the whole time, kept in vague touch and seen each other at the ESPYs almost every year, and other places," Patrick said.

"So one thing led to another, and we realized how similar we were, and yeah, that got the ball rolling," she added.

Patrick said the couple have several shared interests such as visiting with friends, playing games, and "bonding over the books they like to read."

She also added she had been a longtime fan of her sporty beau, often cheering him on during his football games, which will now extend to his whole team.

"Now I am probably going to cheer for the whole team," she added. "Take out the word 'probably.' Now I'm going to cheer for the whole team."

3. Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson

In the beginning of March, it was announced that Josiah Duggar had become engaged to his 18-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Swanson.

The eighth Duggar child had only revealed he had been courting Swanson since January, so their plan to take their relationship to the next level rose several eyebrows.

According to PEOPLE, Duggar and Swanson have been friends for ages, with the latter even making an appearance on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

"We are overjoyed to begin this new phase of our lives together. Through the years our families' friendship has allowed us to get to know one another as friends. I can definitely say I have found a great friend... even better than I could have hoped for or imagined," Duggar said.

"I so appreciate Lauren's Christlike character and tender heart toward others. She brings sunshine into the room and encourages everyone around her," he added. "It's always stood out to me that in every situation, she looks for the one who appears to be sad or lonely and quickly can brighten their day by sharing words of hope, an encouraging scripture, a prayer or even a simple smile with them."

While Duggar and Swanson have yet to announce a date for their upcoming nuptials, they've said they can't wait to see what the future holds.

4. Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis

If you've been fantasizing about being the next lady love for Chris Pine, you'll sadly have to go to the back of the line of the queue.

It was recently received the Star Trek star is in a relationship with fellow actress Annabelle Wallis.

The couple were most recently seen in Malibu attending the Edible Land and Seascapes dinner hosted by Black Cow Vodka this past Wednesday.

According to Us Weekly, the couple 'couldn't take their eyes off each other' as they enjoyed their lavish four course meal. "Chris and Annabelle hardly separated throughout the evening and couldn't take their eyes off each other," the source continued.  

Rumors of a relationship between the twosome first came to light when they were seen at London's Heathrow Airport, with reports quickly stating Pine was quick to steal Wallis's heart.

"Chris and Annabelle are dating! She was seeing someone else when they met," a source close to Wallis said. "They kept it casual for the beginning. Chris was very attentive and wooed her to get her attention away from the other guy."

But, don't expect the pair to be vocal about their romance, as Wallis once spoke about her preference to keep her relationships private.

"It becomes hard when you know about someone's personal life. It's just distracting," she told the Sydney Morning Herald. "It's a whole other job in itself if you go down that road. I love the person I love, but it means so much to me that I like to keep it safe. I have nothing to hide."

5. Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet

Fans of Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet were in for a treat when the new couple were spotted hand-in-hand on March 9.

While little is known about the relationship between the Harry Potter star and the Glee alum, a source told PEOPLE that while their relationship is in its early stages, the pair are getting along great.

"They have been dating for a little bit now, but it's still pretty new," the source said.

"They met through friends," they added. "They might seem like an odd match but they actually have very similar personalities."

But, this isn't the only time Watson and Overstreet were spotted together. They were also seen leaving the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, with Watson adorning her new beau's suit jacket.

6. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson

While romance rumors have been swirling between Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson for months, they were first seen together at Soho House in Malibu on January 7, enjoying a low-key dinner date.

An eyewitness told PEOPLE: "Chris and Dakota arrived together in Chris's car. They met up with friends and had a fun night. They both seemed very happy. They were flirty, and also left the restaurant together."

The Coldplay frontman and Fifty Shades of Grey actress were also spotted at Ellen DeGeneres's star studded 60th birthday party, along with a two of Martin's exes, Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow. Talk about friendly former flames!

7. Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor

Comedian Dane Cook recently made headlines for his newest romance, but not for the reason you think.

Having a 26 year age difference with 19-year-old girlfriend Kelsi Taylor, the media have only recently took notice of the surprising pair.

Both the comedian and the singer, who's provided background vocals for Grammy-nominated artists like Little Big Town and Demi Lovato, has been flaunting their relationship with one another, and often post pictures on Instagram of the lavish vacations they go on.  

Back in Feburary, the couple went on a vacation to Hawaii, where took to social media to write a touching tribute to his younger love.

"This trip has brought us so close together. She is warm hearted, smart, sincere & more than anything else we just click. I have to say I'm the happiest I've been in a long time in both my career & personal life. A couple of old souls (well my souls a little further along) enjoying this ride of a lifetime before we level up. Aloha!!!" he wrote.

While some may be skeptical of Cook and Taylor's age gap, if their social media is any indication, it looks like their relationship is made to last.

8. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

While rumors of a casual romance between Amy Schumer and her chef boyfriend Chris Fischer began to bloom in November when news outlets saw the pair chatting over dinner, the public was shocked to learn the comedian and the chef would have a spontaneous wedding on February 13.

"Most of the guests found out the wedding was happening from a text Amy sent," a source told Us Weekly. "It was, 'Hey, this is happening. If you can make it, great. If not, no worries.'"

Wedding guests included fellow celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jake Gyllenhaal, Judd Apatow, and Chelsea Handler who looked on at the "laid-back" affair.

Schumer said despite only dating for three months before tying the knot, the couple believed it was the right time to become husband and wife.

"Part of the thing that's good about us getting married so quickly was we're so in love," Schumer said on the "You Up With Nikki Glaser" podcast. "Every girl I know, if they get proposed to, they're like, 'Oh, now? Now that I can't have kids.'"

Who's your favorite celebrity couple of the new year?

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