Get The Perfect Gift - A Letter From Santa & Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive


Get The Perfect Gift - A Letter From Santa & Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive

I don't know about you all, but Christmas just doesn't have the same magic as it used to when I was a child. It seems like Santa is a means to an end instead of embodying the spirit of giving and of selflessness that he used to.

Done right, the story of Santa can be a wonderful example for children. The story of the man behind Santa Claus can be traced back to the fourth century when very wealthy parents  died leaving their fortune to an only son. Their son, known as Nicholas, was a very kind man and had a reputation for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people who needed it.

This is why each year, I get Certified Santa Letters delivered to my grandchildren.

Each envelope has 4 pieces of a story in it:

  • A letter from Santa to your child, praising them and a friend of your choosing for being good kids
  • A page torn right out of Santa's Nice List - with your child's name on it
  • A map showing exactly how Santa will get to your child's house on Christmas Eve
  • An official Good Boys and Girls Certificate, embossed with a golden Santa seal

My daughter loves to read the letters aloud on Christmas Eve and the special memories we created last year are the reason I'm getting them again this year. It was one of the most treasured gifts the kids got - and really got us all talking about the important stuff. What Christmas is really about, not just iPads and video games.

I was telling my friend about this wonderful service and she had a good question for me: Why not just print a letter out myself and send it?

Hearing their little voices say "Santa sent us a letter" as they looked at the beautiful postmarked envelope and opened a high quality letter was all I needed to convince myself this was a good buy. Creative as I may be, I wouldn't be able to pull off something as magical as this.

I want to embrace these moments while I can. We all know the magic doesn't last forever. Order these while they still believe. Ordering these letters took me five minutes and was maybe the best part of Christmas last year. My only regret was not having the camera ready to snap a picture - but I was caught up in the moment too.

Certified Letters From Santa costs less the earlier you order it.

If you order today, you can still qualify for a 20% discount.  As Christmas gets closer, the discount will drop, then disappear.

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