A Powerful Video About Bullying Has Everybody Talking

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With all of the problems and serious issues kids these days have to deal with, one of the biggest and most important is often overlooked: bullying.

While some of us may remember bullying as harmless teasing, not everyone sees it that way. You may be surprised to learn that, according to the bullying awareness organization Do Something, 160,000 kids stay home from school every day to avoid being bullied.

If that's not worrying enough, 1 in 10 high school dropouts say they left school because they were being bullied. Those numbers represent the millions of school kids in America who are bullied every day, 30% of all students according to the organization No Bully.

Now, a video meant to raise awareness about bullying and remind us all has been released, and it comes from a very unlikely source: Burger King. The fast food giant wanted to remind us all that bullying hurts, and they put real people to the test to teach us a lesson...

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