A Tornado Sent A 75-Year-old Woman Flying Through The Air In her Bathtub, And She Lived To Tell About It

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Many people across the American midwest who deal with tornadoes on a regular basis are prepared for the storm. Whether they have a shelter underground, or a basement stocked with supplies, when the warning comes they know where to hide.

Charlesletta Williams a 75-year-old woman from Marion County, Texas heard the roar of the approaching storm and had to think quickly.


She had been at home with her son Rickey when they realized the storm was going to hit their home. Her son suggested they seek refuge in the tub - advice meteorologists recommended for those without a storm shelter.

Since bathtubs are heavy and typically anchored to pipes, they are ideal in these types of storms.

While she and her son were crouched inside the tub and threw a blanket over themselves for protection. That's when the storm lifted it straight up and they began spinning around.

“I can’t tell you how high we were. It just felt like someone placed us on the ground,” Rickey said.

Moments later they were on the ground sprawled 20 feet apart.

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