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Abandoned 'Alien Rat' Refuses To Die, Grows Into The Most Handsome Beast

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The only thing stronger than the will to live is the power of love. No one knows this better than Ollie, a tiny kitten that looked like an "alien rat."

When he was handed over to Imgur user, CaliCatlady101, he was so small, just one day old, that his eyes were still closed and he couldn't even purr. Thankfully, Cali knew exactly what to do and she dedicated herself to nursing this little one.

Meet Ollie:

He was just one day old when he met his new mama. Even though her friend thought he looked like an 'alien rat,' Cali knew that he was something special!


He was small and scared, but his new mom wasn't going to give up on him.

He needed constant cuddles

Cali would wrap the little kitten into a "purrito" and keep him snuggled up against her heart.

He drank lots and lots of milk

and sleeping...

His personality started to develop, and even though it was a weird one, his mom loved him

Ollie's favorite snuggle spot was the inside pocket of Cali's sweater - purrfect fit!

Soon he would open his eyes!

He no longer looked like an "alien rat"

Little Ollie was growing into quite the handsome boy! He has turned into one of the most stunning cats...

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