Actor Who Cared For Dying Best Friend Writes Hearbreaking Epitaph

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Actor Who Cared For Dying Best Friend Writes Hearbreaking Epitaph

Chris Salvatore, the young actor who cared for his best friend, 89-year-old  Norma Cook, shared some heartbreaking news with the world.

On Wednesday, Cook passed away due to complications with lukemia. Her last words to Chris were "I love you." Days later, she passed away peacefully in his apartment.

Salvatore tells People that he had a sense that the end was coming, so he spent all of his time making her happy and comfortable.

"It's so quiet in my apartment now, though. Her presence is so strong here, still, but it's very peaceful to know that she's at peace and not at pain anymore. I feel her watching over me."

Salvatore says that it was Cooks wish to spend one final Valentine's day with him before she passed on February 15 at 1:00 in the morning.

"I got her a bunch of candy, a big chocolate heart box and roses and I walked in the door and said, 'Will you be my valentine?' " says Salvatore. "She just wanted to spend one last Valentine's Day with me and I wanted her to feel very special in her final moments."

Earlier this year, Chris asked Norma to move in with him after he found out how sick she was. She agreed and their friendship grew even stronger in their final months together.

Rather than a funeral, Salvatore has promised to organize a celebration of life for his best friend.

"A great teacher of love, she brought people of all different ages, races, genders together and now we're all bonded," says Salvatore. "She always told me she wanted to change the world and I really think she is doing that with her story and the amount of love she gave to people.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Norma Cook.