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Her Adorable Baby Goats Are Paying The Bills

Leanne Lauricella was contemplating quitting her job as a corporate event planner in New York City when she and her husband adopted two adorable baby goats.

Although she wanted to make a career change that would permit her to work closer to home, Lauricella had no idea that her passion project would turn into a full-time job.

On the day that she quit her job, Instagram featured a snap of one of her goats on their home page. Overnight her following blew up by ten times.  Now, with the help of more than 400,000 followers, her goats are paying for their own surgeries, medicine and onesies!

There is nothing Polly loves more than snuggling 💗

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The Lauricelles care for over 40 goats at home and on their 30-acre rental property with the assistance of a full staff of caretakers.

All of the special needs babies they rescued require diapers and onesies to keep them in place. The little goats are fitted with special prostheses that are held on with veterinary tape.

Some of the babies suffered from third degree burns or frostbite. The damage was so painful that they needed emergency care and special rehabilitation.

Sorry for the graphic photos, but I wanted to show you what we will be dealing with next weekend. This sweet baby got caught in a burning brush pile when she was only a week old. You can see the 3rd degree burns on her chest and all four of her feet were burned off in the fire. I can't even imagine the pain she endured at such a young age and I honestly can't believe she survived the stress. Her current owners have taken great care of her but they are unable to provide the long term care that she will need so she is coming to us. She still has quite a bit of healing to do, but she will one day be walking on 4 prosthetic feet! Next weekend, our friends @kebaz54 and @freedomfarm_animalrescue will be going on a double rescue to bring back dairy cull babies from Texas and this sweet girl from Mississippi. @freedomfarm_animalrescue @boochaces are taking the Texas babies. Thank you for making this trip for us! Please go follow @freedomfarm_animalrescue and @boochaces to follow two other great rescues! ... This is another expensive baby coming our way. We've taken in so many lately who need surgeries and or prosthetics/carts. Each baby costs thousands of dollars. We really need your help! Please go to to make a tax-deductible donation. We couldn't do this without you.

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But each little goat is well looked after and loved.

It's tiring being a big sister. Poppy needs her beauty rest. We ate very excited to be welcoming two baby lambs tomorrow. They will both be joining the GOA2 crew. Baby lamb #1 is a little girl in Tennessee who is juat over a week old and has no use of her back legs. She has been diagnosed with something like spina bifida in humans. After setting up her rescue with volunteer transporters, I received another message about a second baby lamb in need. Lamb #2 is a little boy in Kentucky who is 3 days old and was born with no hooves on any of his feet. He will need 4 prosthetics! We figured, why not pick him up on the trip two! We have 5 wonderful ladies making this trip tomorrow with these two beautiful babies. I'm so grateful to them for volunteering their time and effort to get them to me. ... We have taken some crazy cases lately and alot of them. Some people think I'm nuts because of the time and money involved with each of these babies. Well maybe I am, but these babies need us. I HATE asking for money, but I couldn't do this without your support. You all are the reason I am able to help them. If you are able to contribute even a few dollars, it would help us out so much. Our vet bills are through the roof! You can donate through PayPal: or or go to our website: Thank you all such for helping me help these sweet babies. ❤❤❤

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Josie and Emma are all tucked in 😍

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Best ears ever 🙉

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To learn more about the work they do, visit their Instagram account here and their website here.

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