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Adorable Rescue Kitten Looks Like She's Smiling

When Jenni Colborn has a bad day, she visits the local animal shelter to lift her spirits.

One particularly bad day in November, she topped at the Salt Lake City animal shelter and met the little 'Rey' of sunshine who just couldn't stop smiling.

Colborn tells ABC News that the little cat "was just smiling at me and she crawled up to my lap." That pretty much sealed the deal for Colborn, who adopted the tiny cat who has previously been abandoned in an alley.

Her husband, Aaron, named the smiley kitten Rey after the Star Wars franchise's latest hero. The smiley kitten fit in perfectly with her new family and loves to pose for the camera at every chance!

This smiley face is on Facebook now - and there's a full video of her waiting for you there! Link in the bio. 😽

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Hope your #Caturday nap makes you smile this big too!

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Coming home to a smiling face like Rey's is enough to wash away all your Monday blahs! It's a lucky thing Jenni stopped that day, now their family is complete!

Follow Rey and her siblings on Instagram for more cute pictures.

[Source: ABCNews / People]

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