After Everyone Had Given Up, Little Girl Refused To Walk Away From Feral Kitten

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After Everyone Had Given Up, Little Girl Refused To Walk Away From Feral Kitten

On a beautiful summer day in August, five-year-old Emmy Jackson was spending a sunny at the lake with her family when they spotted a tiny kitten in the woods by the shore.

Emmy's mom, Britnee Jackson, estimated him to be about 12 weeks old. Even though he was curious, he was very skittish. She tells Love Meow that the little striped tabby would not allow them to get too close to him.

Try as they might, the kitten was just too wild and he refused to budge. Eventually Emmy's parents and sister gave up trying to coax him out of hiding.

But Emmy knew that he was special, so she refused to leave him. She convinced her parents to buy a can of sardines to feed the starving kitten. Sure enough, after devouring the fish, the little girl scooped him up and brought him home to safety.

Even though the little kitten was afraid of his new home, he eventually decided to come out from hiding. It took a lot of love and devotion on Emmy's part to convince the wild little animal that he was safe.

Emmy told her mom, ''I know he can be a good cat if we can just get him to trust us." For Emmy, he was the most special cat in the world - he was HER cat.

Slowly, she taught the timid kitten how to love. They spent hours together sitting together while Emmy gently spoke to him about her day at school.

"She would reach over and touch him and tell him how much she loved him. With a little patience and a lot of love, the little striped cat my daughter named 'Dassy' finally came around," Jackson tells Love Meow.

Two years later and fully grown, Dassy is an extremely gentle cat with everyone, but it's obvious that he loves his friend Emmy the best.

According to her mom, Emmy and Dassy snuggle together every night and he waits patiently on her bed for her to return from school. When Emmy's under the weather, Dassy never leaves her side.

There is nothing more powerful than true love and these two certainly have found it!

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