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'Alaskan Bush People' Star Gets Married In Intimate Wedding


After a tumultuous year, the Brown family, who rose to fame for starring in the hit reality show Alaskan Bush People, have so many reasons to celebrate.

The Browns spent a good chunk of 2017 fighting alongside matriarch Ami as she battled advanced lung cancer.

The family packed up and moved to California, where Ami could receive the best treatment possible and beat the three percent survival odds the doctors initially gave her.

"The kids really made that decision," Billy Brown, Ami's husband, said. "We saw Ami slow down so fast. She started out 128 lbs. and she dropped to 89 really fast. Last winter was really hard on her. [Our son Bear] got really mad one day. I was pretty bad and mom was pretty bad and he started right then, โ€œHow long are we going to do this?โ€ Once we knew what Ami had, Bear was adamant. We had talked about it before and when we sat down realized and made the decision, it wasnโ€™t like it came out of nowhere."

Thankfully, by the time Christmas rolled around a miracle happened. Not only did Ami complete chemotherapy, her lungs were also cancer-free.

A few months later, in the trailer for their show's eighth season, the family revealed that they were ready for a new beginning and this meant leaving their beloved Browntown for Washington state.

"We have an actual ranch," Ami said about their new 400-acre property. "Barns, orchard, horses, cattle. It is a test. We canโ€™t afford to fail on this."

Now, not only are the family excited for their "biggest adventure" yet, they're thankful that Ami is alive and able to watch her son, Noah, wed the love of his life, Rhain Alisha.

The couple, who met in 2016 while Rhain was travelling through Alaska, got engaged in April 2017. Noah, 26, proposed after a sunset hike with a ring he designed himself.

The reality star previously gushed about his new wife and how supportive she was while he was dealing with his mom's illness.

"Rhain has been so patient and supporting [me] through everything that has been happening, my mother's cancer, having to leave Alaska, my car keeps breaking down, and all in all I have been thinking of how thankful I am that she moved in with [me] instead of going back to Oregon," he wrote in October 2017.

Noah and Rhain, 27, finally said "I do" in front of their closest family and friends in Idaho on August 15, two years to the date the first met.

Noah wore a suit he put together with pieces from a "smattering of places," while his bride got her dress from David's Bridal, according to People. Their outfits complemented the wedding colors, which were black, white and deep purple.

Rhain's something borrowed and something blue was a blue stone ring her mother-in-law gave her and she placed it in her bouquet.

Noah's family were all present, including his dad Billy as the best man. Both Billy and Ami didn't meet Rhain's family until the day before the nuptials. Noah wrote on Facebook that he was on the way to pick up "the mommy-in-law and then back up to Idaho for the wedding."

"It will be good for our parents to finally meet," he added.

At the reception, guests enjoyed food catered by Famous Willie's BBQ and dessert by Stacy's Cakes.

"We are so excited to start our new life together as husband and wife and we look forward to building new memories as our own family," the couple told People exclusively. "God bless everyone for all of the love and support."

Ami, who was holding back tears added, "We are so happy for them. We wish them years of happiness."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

We can't wait to find out what else the Browns have been up to when their show returns on Sunday, August 19!

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