Almost No One Can Figure Out What This Was Used For


Almost No One Can Figure Out What This Was Used For

Kids today think they know everything, but we know that's not true. Technology? Sure, they might have the one-up on us. But we come from the generation that knew how to do things with our hands other than taking selfies.

Our generation had a slew of hand tools that we used on a daily basis. If we brought them out today, this generation would probably think we were going to use them to torture people!

So that begs the question, do you remember what this odd tool was used for? Almost everyone we've asked has no clue what it could be. The most common response was "a strawberry corer" but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

The answer?

It's a vintage oil can opener spout! Back in the day, we used these to open engine oil cans. The tool would puncture the top of the tin and give you a spout to pour the oil from.

It looks similar to a juice can opener, and that's probably where they got the idea for those! Both tools leave a puncture hole in the shape of a triangle.

You may think this tool is from waaaay back in the day, but it's actually only from the 1980s! Although in terms of tool evolution, that's definitely the dark ages.

I remember having one of these in my first car! My dad always made me keep it in the trunk.

Did you know what this tool was? Share if you remember!

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