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Shelter Launches 'Murder Investigation" To Help A Dog Find A Home And It Will Melt Your Heart

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To find a good home for a 4-year-old Chocolate Lab, one animal shelter got very creative.

Hank, seen with the Fuzzy Pink Hippo before the incident.Fox Valley Humane Association

Since the adorable Hank arrived at the Fox Valley Humane Association with his favorite toy the Fuzzy Pink Hippo, the pair have been inseparable. So when volunteers found the toy ruined in his enclosure one morning, they knew something sinister must have taken place.

Since the hippo never left Hank's enclosure, he was the prime suspect.Fox Valley Humane Association

That's what inspired the shelter's creative director Rebecca Klich to create a murder mystery, challenging the shelter's followers on social media to solve what happened to the Fuzzy Pink Hippo.

A local police dog was assigned to crack the case.Fox Valley Humane Association

After snapping photos of the crime scene, the hippo was rushed to emergency surgery, where the shelter's vets managed to sew the toy back together. But questions still remained, and shelter staff had to grill Hank to find out if he was responsible for the vicious attack.

Someone knocked the stuffing out of the Fuzzy Pink Hippo, but vets managed to put him back together.Fox Valley Humane Association
Do you think Hank is guilty?Fox Valley Humane Association

The shelter even got local police involved to crack this case, and with their help they managed to give this episode of Paw and Order a very happy ending.

Hank needed to get a lawyer, but his friends supported him...

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