Former Kindergarten Teacher Facing Jail Time After 'Inappropriate' Relations With Teens

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Former Kindergarten Teacher Facing Jail Time After 'Inappropriate' Relations With Teens

Get ready to be angry...again.

Too many teachers have been in the news recently for their inappropriate actions. From biting students to encouraging them to kill themselves, are our kids really safe when we send them to school?

A Texas kindergarten teacher is facing charges after openly admitting to having a threesome with two students and sexual relations with two other students.

Heather Lee Robertson, 38, exchanged sexually-charged messages with a student on Snapchat and ended up having sex with four students all together. According to Dallas Morning News, she didn't ask the minors to wear a condom because she is 'unable to get pregnant' so it didn't matter.

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Robertson has admitted to the allegations, claiming she began drinking heavily and now says she doesn't remember the encounters happening.

According to the school handbook, there are strict rules prohibiting student-teacher relationships.

"School employees are always in the public eye, and the expectation is that they will always observe professional boundaries in their personal relationships with students," the handbook states. "District policy also prohibits employees from having 'inappropriate relationships' with students."

This is what's deemed as inappropriate:

  • Communications with students, whether by telephone, email, instant message, Twitter, text message, or any other form of electronic or digital communication at any time, unless the communication is directly related to your assigned duties and responsibilities, e.g., the student's homework, class or team activity, school club or other school-sponsored activity."
  • Engaging in personal conversations with students about either the student's or your own personal relationships or problems with spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other.
  • Taking a student away from school during the school day without obtaining express permission of the student's parent or the principal.
  • Visiting students at their homes when a parent is not present or inviting a student to your home without prior express permission of the student's parent.
  • Giving gifts of a personal nature (clothing, perfume or cologne, jewelry, etc.) to students at school or at any time without the parent's knowledge and permission.
  • Playing 'favorite,' e.g., allowing specific students to get away with conduct that is not permitted from other students.

Robertson is still in police custody. If she is found guilty for her charges, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

Do you think there needs to be harsher penalties for teachers who abuse their power?

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