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April The Giraffe Live Cam Has Finally Returned

There was a time not that long ago when some of us spent a good chunk of our days impatiently waiting for the world's most famous giraffe, April, to give birth.

Thanks to Animal Adventure Park's live camera stream, fans of the tall animal were able to be there through the last phase of her pregnancy as well as the birth of the calf.

Following the newborn's debut and naming competition, the camera was turned off and fans had to bid farewell to the adorable duo, but it turns out the goodbye wasn't for good.

A short while after the live feed was terminated, the park operators announced that due to popular demand, enamored fans will be periodically given a glimpse into April's life as a mother to Taijiri "Taj" the Giraffe. It was also revealed that a permanent yard camera will be installed later on in the season so people everywhere can see what their favorite giraffe family is up to.

The New York Times

Well, the time is now! On June 1st, the staff at Animal Adventure Park shared the exciting news about the live cam's new streaming schedule. You can now get a peek into April, Oliver and Taj's lives on the park's live stream from 4 and 8 p.m, Sunday through Friday.

"We're bringing you into our wild kingdom here at Animal Adventure and bringing you a little bit closer and back in tune with our giraffe and giraffe family," park owner Jordan Patch said in the live announcement on YouTube.

The live cam reboot comes as no surprise as the original proved to be extremely successful after drawing out more than 232 million live views and about 7.6 billion minutes of viewing.

You can keep up with April and her family through the YouTube live stream and Facebook status updates.

Are you excited for the return of the Giraffe live cam?

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