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The Answer To The Question Everyone Wants To Know About April The Giraffe

Good news for anybody who followed April The Giraffe's journey to motherhood! Her new baby boy finally has a name!

It's been months since we started watching the live stream of April's pregnancy, and recently we finally got to see her new addition.

April gave birth in the month of April and the zoo let fans vote for what they wanted the name to be. Each vote cost $1, which is donated to causes protecting African wildlife.

Fans voted for "Alyssa's Choice" which meant April's zookeeper got to choose the name.

Are you ready to find out what it is?

Daily Mail

Meet Tajiri the Giraffe! Alyssa chose this name because it has strong connections to conservation and other efforts by animal lovers around the world. Tajiri also means 'hope' in Swahili.

To make it easier to pronounce, he'll go by Taj for short!

The other options that finished in the top ten for voting were: Apollo, Geoffrey, Gio, Harpur, Noah, Ollie, Patch, Patches, and Unity.

Are you happy with this name? Let us now!

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