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Sesame Place Is Now The World's First Autism-Friendly Theme Park

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Sesame Place

Theme parks are loud, crowded, and full of distracting sights.

That's what makes them so fun, but it can also be a nightmare for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Even I don't like being caught in those huge theme park crowds to watch the parades and shows.

Sesame Place Parad
Visit Philly

So imagine how stressful it can be for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), which causes a kind of sensory overload.

That's why Sesame Place, a Sesame Street-themed park in Pennsylvania, has gone the extra mile to make its attractions autism-friendly.

The world's first accessible theme park?

This isn't the first time a theme park has worked extra hard to be accessible for all children.

Gordon Hartman was inspired to open Morgan's Wonderland, an "ultra-accessible" theme park in Texas, because he was tired of his daughter being treated differently by other children.

Morgan's Wonderland Water Park
Morgan's Wonderland

Along with the usual rides, games, and entertaining shows, the park is 100% wheelchair accessible.

Plus, children with disabilities or "special needs" get free admission, no questions asked.

Parents can even rent non-electric wheelchairs that are perfect for the park's splash pads and kiddy pools.

But Sesame Place has gone even further to make their park totally welcoming for kids with autism.

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