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Baby Bins Are Saving The Lives Of Thousands Of Children

It is really unfortunate that even in 2017 babies are still being abandoned, sold and murdered because their parents aren't capable of caring for them. This isn't just happening in another corner of the world, it is happening right here in America too.

Although we have the safe-haven laws and programs in place to protect unwanted babies, there is still more work to be done.

Door of Hope, a charity in South Africa took a step in the right direction by setting up a baby bin where mothers can leave their babies at anytime. The bin serves as an alternative to throwing them in dumpsters and other dangerous places.

The stainless steel bin was installed in 1999 and over the years, it has been equipped with a camera and a sensor that will alert the church house when a baby has been placed on the inside.

The baby bin program has saved over 1,500 since it's inception and according to the charity's website,"other organizations, peoples and groups in other countries as well as locally were inspired by our concept to do the same."

Although the program stirred up controversy at first, many eventually recognized its importance to the community. The founders believe that this "alternative was needed for those who had already decided to abandon their babies and would have done so in some other inhumane way."

Some of the rescued babies end up being adopted by foreign families but the rest remain under the public welfare system. However, as long as they're living in one of the Door of Hope homes, they will be cared for as much as possible.

AJ+ recently did a profile on Door of Hope and the impressive work they do. You can watch the video below then check out their website for more information and ways in which you can help.

Baby Bin For Abandoned Children

This charity set up a “baby bin” for people who want to abandon their children.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, February 22, 2017