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People Are Fuming About What This Policewoman Did To A Starving Newborn

Edinora was collecting oranges in a Colombian forest when she heard what sounded like a scream. As she followed the sound, she realized that it was actually the cry of a terribly hungry, abandoned baby.

Quickly, Edinora picked up the hungry baby and called the police. Officer Urrea was the first to arrive on scene, eager to help the traumatized newborn.

She was heartbroken to see that the little girl had been left to die by her mother, the umbilical cord still attached. That was enough to trigger her maternal instincts and that's when Officer Urrea took action.

She scooped up the hungry baby and began to nurse her. Having just become a mother herself, Officer Urrea didn't hesitate to do what absolutely needed to be done to save this little girl's life.

Video footage of Officer Urrea breastfeeding the starving baby has gone viral since it was first posted on Facebook. Many people hail her as a hero, while others are shocked that she did this.

What do you think? Hero or not?

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