Be Honest, Could You Do What He Did For This Stranger?

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Be Honest, Could You Do What He Did For This Stranger?

There are pivotal moments in our lives that test us. They give us a choice to step up to the plate, or turn the other cheek. What you choose to do in that single moment eventually shapes you and others around you.

Adam August knows this all to well.

Every day, Adam passed Tarec Atkinson on the street. Atkinson was born in Jamaica, but for the past year he had been living in a tent by the side of the freeway.

Every time he saw Atkinson, August told himself that he would take the man to lunch. But each time he passed by, "too busy, not enough time," he'd tell himself.

Ultimately, it would be lonliness that pushed August to clasp the street man on the shoulder and invite him to lunch. The two men talked about Atkinson's struggles to find work, a decent place to sleep and get back on his feet.

When August heard that he hadn't bathed in over a month, he brought him back to his apartment for a hot shower and a new outfit.

Then, the two men hit the road in search of a job for Atkinson. They drove door to door for two weeks speaking to managers at Walgreens, CVS, Safeway and Home Depot to name a few.

August helped his new friend fill out job application forms at the local library and cheered him on.

After a week of phone interviews, Atkinson was invited to interview in person at Safeway. August drove his friend to the interview and waited nervously for his return.

After just 20 minutes, Atkinson walked out of Safeway with a grin on his face. He gave his pal a thumbs up and let out a loud "WOO!"

They had achieved so much in just two weeks, obviously it was time to celebrate with some ice cream.

Now, Atkinson is well on his way to the life he had always dreamed of: one of purpose, happiness and love. August says that his friend has the same dreams as everyone else: "to create a better life for himself so he could one day have a family and stability."

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