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Your Zodiac Reveals Who Your Best Friend Should Be, And What Kind Of Friend You Actually Are

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Every personality type is going to do well with a different type of person. Sure, we can all alter our reactions to make things easier, but when it comes to true, life-long friendship, there are some personalities that are easier to handle.

Turns out, your zodiac sign has a lot of influence on who you actually get along with. It's not just romantically either, your zodiac sign reveals who you will have an easier time spending time with because your personalities mesh just perfectly.

Let's see who your best friend should be!



You are a passionate and adventurous person so you need someone who can keep up with you. You will do well with a Leo, or a Sagittarius, because they appreciate your energy. You also thrive with a Gemini or Aquarius, because they are more easy going and able to go with the flow. As an Aries, you make for a great friend, you just need someone who can deal with your impatience and tendencies of being selfish from time to time.


You are a dependable and stable person who does well with Virgos, Capricorns, Cancers and Pisces. You are respectful of their friends needs and can be excellent at giving advice, but sometimes you become a little bit possessive.


You are one of the most popular signs, but your truest friends are usually Libras or Aquarius. You also tend to get along well with Aries and Leo, but honestly, your social nature makes it easy for you to make friends with pretty much anyone.


Your commitment to your friendships is appreciated best by Scorpios and Pisces. You need someone trustworthy, which is why Taurus and Virgos are also good friends of yours. You tend to be more introverted though, so you need someone else to make the first move.

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