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Beth Chapman Opens Up About Her Health Crisis In Emotional Letter

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Ronan Zilberman / AP

In an open letter to her friends, Beth Chapman reveals she's been struggling with a possibly deadly diagnosis.

Fans of the hit reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter will remember the fugitive tracker's wife Beth, who worked with him at their Da'Kine Bail Bonds office and tagged along on his manhunts. Beth starred in all eight seasons of the show, as well as the spinoff Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Her bold fashion choices and her big personality made her a hit with fans. Episodes often focused on Dog and Beth's rocky relationship as much as their crime fighting, and no other shows on TV featured a couple quite like these two.

While Beth usually stayed in the car as Dog and his sons grabbed the bad guys, she always had some choice words for the fugitives about how they needed to turn their life around. The genuine compassion Dog and Beth felt for their bounties is part of what made the show such a success.

Beth and her husband have been off the air for a few years, but they've been busy working as lobbyists for the bounty hunting industry. That's why Beth's sudden announcement took her fans by surprise.

“As most of you know," she begins, "I’ve spent a lifetime facing tests and challenges I didn’t see coming and certainly never expected...”

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