Biker With A Heart Of Gold Adopts 18-Year-Old Sweetheart

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Biker With A Heart Of Gold Adopts 18-Year-Old Sweetheart

When Julep was surrendered to the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) in Washington, D.C., she was 18 years old and heartbroken.

Julep's elderly owner had passed away and there was no one to take her. The rescue workers were frightened for the sweet senior dog's future - she was the oldest dog ever to enter the HRA shelter.

But they didn't need to worry for long! As soon as Wayne Lerch saw the gentle Pit Bull's picture on Facebook, he knew he had to meet her.

Since he wasn't positive that they would be a great match, he took precautions against making any snap decisions. Dressed in leather, with a dashing handlebar mustache, he hopped on his motorcycle and drove out tho the rescue center.

Lerch had lost his 11-year-old Pit Bull Jasmine earlier that year and he was still recovering from her death. But, as soon as he saw Julep, he knew that this dog would help him to heal.

He raced back to his home where he traded his motorcycle for his car and raced back to the rescue center and adopted her on the spot!

Lerch renamed Julep, she is now Tootie, after his grandmother. Watch this adorable video of Lerch and Tootie playing happily at home!

We're so happy for little Tootie and Lerch! Happy endings all around!