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Blind Kittens Were Rescued From Certain Death, But The Miracles Weren't Over Yet For These Two

*Warning: some images may be disturbing*

Sweet sisters, Hope and Faith were just 8 weeks old when they were discovered wandering around blindly with their feral colony.

Rescuers from Tiny Kittens discovered the precious babies had gone blind from an upper respiratory disease. On top of their vision loss, the little girls were terrified and deathly ill.

The rescue website reports that they were malnourished, full of parasites, crawling with fleas and ear mites, blind and congested with mouth ulcers, corneal ulcers and ringworm. Little Faith's tail was broken in two places.

After many long days snuggling with the little ones and treating them with antibiotic ointments and other medicines, the kittens went through an astonishing transformation.

The severe inflammation over their eyes healed dramatically and they could finally see! As their eyes healed and they began to eat on their own, their tiny immune systems grew strong enough to fight the infections.

After 65 days of care, the girls could finally see again!

Watch their video below:

Faith and Hope’s story is guaranteed to bring you joy. More proof that you don't need to be "perfect" to have value, and to be worthy of SO much love. <3 Fall in love with these adorable sisters on our livestream at Learn more about our work with feral cats and kittens at #TheNanoEffect

Posted by Tinykittens on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Source: Tiny Kittens

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