Brazil's Abandoned Dogs Get To Live Their Dream

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Brazil's Abandoned Dogs Get To Live Their Dream

What do dogs love more than their people? Playing fetch!

The Brazil Tennis Open made the connection in 2016 when they partnered with animal shelters to create a very special team of ball boys.

These good (ball) boys were abandoned dogs who had gone through training and rehabilitation to become the cutest fetchers of all!

Costa the dog attended the Brazil Open in 2016Brazil Open/Divulgaí§í£o

The project was so successful at raising awareness and finding forever homes for the pups, that The Brazil Tennis Open will host six new dogs from the Second Chance Project and Dog without a Dog organizations.

Every dog featured in 2016's Open found a loving home and the goal this year is to do the same for these adorable new recruits!

Take a look at how last year's tournament went:

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