Brewery Is Looking For Support For Their Beer Lover's Paradise Hotel

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Brewery Is Looking For Support For Their Beer Lover's Paradise Hotel

How would you like to stay in a hotel that has beer in every shower, beer in the spa treatments and a hot tub filled with beer? Sound like your cup of...well beer?

Lucky for you BrewDog Brewery is trying to make this happen! BrewDog is all over the news lately, just having announced it would give leave for new pet parents, and now they are building a beer lover's paradise hotel!

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to start the "world's first crowdfunded craft beer hotel" they want to build in Columbus, Ohio.

The fancy hotel will have some pretty impressive features including:

  • Beer taps in all the rooms with BrewDog's Punk IPA
  • A mini-bar in every shower stocked with beer
  • Access to limited edition beers because it will be next door to the brewery
  • Beer based spa treaments including malted barley massage and hops oils
  • Special beer pairings at breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • There is even a luxury suite with a IPA hot tub. That's right, a giant tub full of hot beer that you can soak in.

They were aiming to raise $75,000 and have already exceeded that with still a month left on the campaign! So this is going to happen! You can still support it for another month, and a donation of $150 giving you a free night at the hotel.

How would you like to go to this hotel? Does it sound like your idea of a fun getaway? It's definitely a bit out of the ordinary, that's for sure!

They want to open the hotel by September 2018 and claim that it's going to be the new "happiest place on earth."

Will you be making the trip to Ohio?