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Burnt Parrot Survives Electrocution, Vets 'Hack' His Wings So He Can Fly Again

When this Carnaby's cockatoo was seriously burnt in a powerline explosion, it seemed like he would never again know the joy of flying.

Thankfully, Australia's Perth Zoo has a crafty staff of veterinarians and vet techs who knew of a procedure that might restore this endangered bird's flight.

The process, called "imping," involves the feathers of a deceased donor bird and some good old ingenuity. With matchsticks and super glue, the vets attach the donor feathers to the cockatoo.

It will take a bit of time for him to recover, but it looks like he's going to be OK!

Injured Cockatoo Gets News Wings

Our vets have treated hundreds of wild black cockatoos, but this injured bird required some special treatment. The Carnaby's Cockatoo was given new wings with feather implants:

Posted by Perth Zoo on Thursday, April 6, 2017