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Sweet Abigail Was Used As 'Bait,' But These Pretty Hats Hide The Scars Of Her Horrible Past

** Warning: Some viewers may find this content disturbing **

Sweet Abigail had a horrible beginning - this gentle girl with the soft eyes was used as a 'bait' dog in illegal dog fights.

When rescuers at Fur Ever Dog Rescue found her, she was anemic, covered in tics and her ear had been bitten off. Despite everything that happened to her, Abigail never lost her loving nature.

Soon, she had a forever home with and a family that loved her so much. After 3-4 different surgeries, the three-year-old pit bull mix was on the mend.

But the extensive injuries she suffered, left her looking quite threatening without an ear. So her foster mom, Victoria Frazier, decided to give her some adorable little headbands.

Each headband enhanced the sweet, gentle character of Abigail's temperament and soon those following her recovery started to send in hats and headbands for the pretty girl.

It's hard to imagine the horrors that this happy girl has been through in her young life. Thankfully, she's got a bright, shining future full of love and kisses  -  and, of course, pretty hats!

She was used as "bait," but now people are sending her pretty hats to cover her scars. via: Pass it on

Posted by Sun Gazing on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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[h/t Bonnets for Abigail / The Dodo / SunGazing]

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