Bus Driver Gets Just Reward For Heroic Actions During Heat Wave

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Bus Driver Gets Just Reward For Heroic Actions During Heat Wave

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With this summer's high temperatures coming in at full force, people across the country need to be prepared when stepping outside.

However, sometimes the sweltering heat can get to the best of us, and unless we get stay hydrated, we may face some harrowing consequences. Luckily for some people, there are good Samaritans in the world who help us in our time of need.

On July 30, one Nevada bus driver sprang into action when he noticed an elderly man was struggling in the 105-degree weather.

Mike Blair was on his regular bus route when he saw the senior in dire straits at one of his stops.

"This one gentleman would not board the bus," Blair told FOX 5 in Las Vegas. "He seemed like he started to grasp the wall and seemed to be in distress."

Blair immediately helped the man onto the bus and sat him in a seat directly by the air conditioner and grabbed his water bottle from his lunch box.

"And I go, 'I gotta do something else and I have a bottle of water in my lunch box.' And I hand him a bottle of water," Blair said about his dehydrated passenger.

After 10 minutes, the man reached his stop and stepped out of the bus, but not before thanking his driver.

"He got off the bus and said 'Thank you.' As he got off he said, 'I'm 92 years old.' Simply amazing," Blair said.

Unbeknownst to Blair, a passenger had captured a picture of the exchange and uploaded it onto Twitter and Reddit, which quickly went viral.

The bus driver only found out his "small act of kindness" had received publicity when employer Keolis and the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) applauded him for his selfless act.

"I guess I have to learn how to do Twitter, huh?" Blair joked, before adding that his gesture shouldn't be considered heroic.

"We are all brothers and sisters," he said. "I think anyone would've done that."

This summer Keolis is handing out 10,000 bottles of water to the passengers and has already trained its drivers to spot the signs of dehydration.

"When the temps are over 105, before bus drivers leave the yard, we remind them to be mindful of passengers," Keolis general manager Francis Julien said.

Before his shift on August 1, the company threw a small party to show him their appreciation. While Keolis even framed the photo that started it all, Blair just hopes his story inspires others to perform acts of kindness as well.

"Well maybe this will touch people's hearts so they will do something kind as well," he said.

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