Happy Birthday Cancer! Here's Your Year Ahead 2017

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Happy Birthday Cancer! Here's Your Year Ahead 2017


This year, Cancer, listen to the cues your body gives you about the changes that need to happen in your life.

If you notice that you're feeling particularly tense lately, take a moment to step back and look at the situations surrounding that moment of tension. What were you thinking of? What needs to change?

You'll notice that this year is one of clearing and purging. Take every opportunity to really get down to what matters most and simplify your relationships, work and home life.


You've had a rough start this year with mercury retrograde in the first few days of January, but don't let that dampen your spirits, Cancer!

You'll want to lay low for the first half of the year when it comes to love. Try to  focus more on the relationship you have with yourself in the meantime. Remember you can't expect others to love you, if you don't love yourself!

Lunar eclipse in August will give you the chance to clean house and eliminate negative people from your life.


You'll notice a shift towards the positive for you in October, when Jupiter move into you love sector and Mars will join it in mid-December.

You'll get your second chance at romance in December, when Saturn in your relationship sector lines up beautifully with Jupiter. This makes for an excellent time to enter into a serious relationship - you're focusing on taking an existing partnership to the next level, or you're looking for the one.

Focus on having healthy relationships this time around.



Saturn is in your work sector until December. This can be the year when you see your project through - making smarter, work-life choices that bring balance and solid success.

Mars drives your career plans forward in February, so get everything into gear this month - line all your ducks up in a row and get as much done as you can. You'll need the cushion to get you through the coming retrogrades next month.

The February 11 lunar eclipse in you money sector is a great time to eliminate bad financial habits and settle financial issues.

Venus retrograde in march can make things difficult and muck up your career plans. You might find that you're lacking drive, energy and enthusiasm. You'll experience waves of laziness, be careful not to make a bad impression on the wrong people.

Watch out for similar setbacks when Venus goes retrograde in this area at the end of April.

Mars in you financial sector in late July to early August as well as the solar eclipse on August 7 gives you the opportunity to really push forward with your finances.

You might see another delay in this area during the first week of September when Mercury goes retrograde. Watch out for delays in getting paid or troubles with bank cards and credit cards.


Jupiter will be ruling your emotions until mid-October. The planet of expansion will help you to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook on life this year. Focus on strengthening your emotional foundation and getting a clear grasp about what you feel and why.

You'll want to try to channel that energy when you need it most during the Mercury retrograde in the second half of August. You'll find that there are some moments of struggle with communications, expressing yourself clearly and maintaining focus.

Mars moves into the sector of your mind from September to mid-October, which will put you back on track and finding all the right words to say. You'll be your old self in no time!

After all is said and done, this year is going to give you the opportunity to make concrete decisions about your direction in life and, for some, to rewrite your story!