Celebrity Weight-Loss Stories That Will Drop Your Jaw


Celebrity Weight-Loss Stories That Will Drop Your Jaw

Losing weight is a tough challenge for anyone. A lot of people believe that celebrities have it easy because they have access to trainers and chefs. But just because you have resources doesn't make the willpower any stronger.

Plus, you've got media outlets monitoring your every move. If you lose weight, you're too skinny. If you gain weight, you're "ballooning." There's no easy way to escape the public eye when it comes to weight loss.

However, celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Mama June have successfully shed some weight and managed to keep it off!

Take a look at these inspiring transformations. Any of them surprise you?

Christina Aguilera


While never exuding anything but confidence with her body, pop star Christina Aguilera dropped nearly 50lbs off her curvy frame. Girl power!

John Goodman


The Roseanne alum shed a ton of weight after admitting he was a "problem eater" who just ate junk food all day.

3. Chris Pratt

Pop Workouts

The Marvel superhero dropped 60lbs for his roles Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy. He's kept the weight off but still enjoys the occasional cheat meal!

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Whether it's for a movie role or for personal reasons, celebrities who lose weight can be inspirational to many.

For example, Melissa McCarthy started her own clothing line for plus-sized women after realizing there weren't many options for curvy women who want to be fashionable!

4. Alec Baldwin


Baldwin was diagnosed as pre-diabetic which gave him the jolt he needed to lose weight. Since then, he has dropped 30lbs.

5. Al Roker


The TV host hit 340lbs before he decided his life needed a change. Roker dropped 150lbs and now weighs in at a slim 190lbs.

6. Graham Elliot


The Masterchef judge and famous chef hit 400lbs when he decided to turn his life around. He's lost 150lbs since 2013 and continues to work on his body.

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7. Jennifer Hudson


The American Idol alum slimmed down with the help of Weight Watchers and keeping unhealthy foods "out of sight."

8. Adele


The world-famous singer doesn't count calories, but she definitely watches what she eats. Adele no longer drinks tea or coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar, so that's a start!

9. Melissa McCarthy


McCarthy has publicly struggled with her weight, but now it seems like the movie star is ready to keep the weight off and keep climbing that Hollywood ladder!

Can you think of other celebs with huge weight loss success stories?

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