'Cheeky' Aussies Pose In Their Birthday Suits

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'Cheeky' Aussies Pose In Their Birthday Suits

With over 63,000 followers, cheeky Instagram feed @getnakedaustralia is going viral for its bum shots.

The idea to post anonymous pictures of tourists and townies, wild in the rough is actually for a very good cause. The intention is to promote body positivity, fun and healthy outdoor activity and it's catching on with people from all around the world!

Sure, they're a little tongue-in-cheek about it, but bottom line is: love yourself  and own that beautiful bod.

Take a look at some of the favorites!

South Coast, NSW

Lord Howe Island

Murrays Beach, NSW

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The account was set up by health professional, Brendan Jones last summer.

When people got wind of what was going on, they shared their own shots at many breath-taking locations.

Jones, 26, from Sydney, Australia came up with the idea while taking a quick dip after a long hike.

The account takes a lighthearted approach to the human physique and focuses on everyday people having a good time in their own skin.

If you want to see more, check out their site here.