Cherish The Time You Have With Your Sons, Use This Bucket List

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Cherish The Time You Have With Your Sons, Use This Bucket List

When mommy blogger, Tina, created her blog Life Without Pink, she wanted it to be a way to connect with other moms of boys.

She was looking for a network of moms who understood the chaos of raising all boys. When her blog caught notice of other mothers, it grew quickly into a supportive community that shared stories, struggles and laughs.

A few years ago, she posted a Mom and Son Bucket List of things she and her readers want to do with their sons before they're grown up. It was so popular, it's being circulated again by moms on Facebook.

Tina's list of 60 ideas is great for mothers of sons at every age. Here are 16 ideas that you might like to add to your own Mother/Son Bucket List!

  • Teach him to dance
  • Spend a Saturday building an indoor fort
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Have a waterballoon fight
  • Take him on a surprise trip
  • Go rock climbing
  • Read a book together
  • Go fossil hunting
  • Have a Pirate Day
  • Survive a haunted house tour together
  • Build something from scratch
  • Make dinner together
  • Go to the beach together

  • Volunteer together
  • Take a 24 Hour road trip together
  • Teach him how to drive
  • Teach him how to balance a checkbook

See more of the list at Life Without Pink.