Coffee Meets Avocado: 'Avolattes' Are All The Rage These Days

Lately, it seems like we can't go a day without being introduced to a new food creation.

Just when you thought you couldn't be surprised anymore, a new stunt food makes it mark and leaves you scratching your head.

The latest craze to take over social media involves 2017's most popular fruit - the avocado. We've already told you about an avocado-only bar in New York, avocado chocolate bars and the global phenomenon that is 'avocado hand' but it doesn't end there.

A few weeks ago, a Melbourne-based barista shared his latest creation, a latte served in an avocado shell, and it has taken the Internet by storm.

“Combing two of Melbourne’s obsessions — lattes and avo,” reads the caption on Truman Cafe's Instagram post.

Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo 😂

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In the weeks since the 'avolatte' appeared on Instagram, it was has been viewed over 9,000 times and what started out as a joke by the Australian coffee expert turned into something more serious.

Jaydin Nathan, one of Truman cafe's baristas told News AU that the 'avolatte' “was actually just a joke. It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

That did not stop eager avocado lovers from jumping in on the new latte bandwagon. The hipster trend got slightly out of hand when copycats from all over began recreating their versions of the strange concoction.

Check them out:

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The 'avolatte' came on the heels of another avocado-related news from Australia, the country responsible for avocado toast. The Washington Post recently published an article which included the claim that “avocado toast is why millennials can’t afford to buy houses.”

Truman Cafe may have been trying to troll the Internet but don't be surprised if this new coffee trend comes to a cafe near you. It really is just a matter of time.

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