Disgruntled Coffee Shop Worker Puts Up A Sign To Encourage Politeness


People Are Loving This Coffee Owner's "Rude" Sign To Customers


If you've worked in the food service industry before, you're well acquainted with rude customers.

Demanding customers who feel like you owe them the world when you're only a minimum wage worker trying to make ends meet was the story of my life for a couple of years.

But as we're taught in this industry, the customer is always right. But seriously, what happened to basic manners?

Kindness doesn't cost a thing, but at one coffee shop in Virginia, it makes people think they'll save money on their next cup of Joe.

 CUPS Coffee & Tea
This cozy coffeehouse is located Roanoke, Virginia.Kalvin K. - Yelp

CUPS Coffee & Tea is hoping a new pricing policy will encourage customers to be more polite to staff, whether or not they're a morning person.

Last year, a worker put up this sign below indicating that rudeness comes at a price.

If you tell staff "small coffee," you'll have to pay $5. If you say 'small coffee, please", you'll pay $3.

Now, if you say, "Hello, one small coffee please," your delicious hot drink will only set you back $1.75.

Austin Simms, who put up the sign, told WDBJ7 that he hopes his message will make a difference not only at his workplace, but inspire others around the world to be more polite.

"I need to solve all the injustices of the world, to start charging more for people who didn't take the time to say hello and connect and realize we're all people behind the counter," he said.

As for the price difference, Simms says customers won't actually be charged more or less based on how they order, but the fear that they will might make a difference in their attitude.

According to the store owner, Olivia Byrd, the sign has been success, and there's been a huge increase in customer politeness.

Social media users are loving this idea, and praise the coffeehouse for taking such a bold step.

Brilliant idea. I often wonder if some people were never taught manners at home. What does it cost you to say please and thank you?

A creative way to solve a real problem! Congratulations.

Other people don't seem to get the joke.

I'd pay more not to have to be nice.

You can get a small cup of coffee for $1.75 anywhere without saying a word.

Here are five more signs that'll get a good laugh out of you

1. Every person over the age of 50 needs a sign like this by their front door.

2. Again, people really don't like sagging pants.

3. Whoever made this sign has rest their case.

4. Well, someone had to spray it ... I mean say it.

5. I'm sure the child won't mind.

What are your thoughts about the coffeehouse sandwich board sign? Was it a good idea?

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