Choose A Color, And We'll Reveal Something About Your Personality

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Choose A Color, And We'll Reveal Something About Your Personality


How many times did you get asked "what's your favorite color" growing up? Probably a lot. My mom used to use it in relation to Popsicles, as in "if you had to pick any color Popsicle, what would it be?"

My answer was always purple, because I loved grape flavored anything. But now if you ask me, the answer is blue or green. For some reason those colors draw me in, and I would choose them any day of the week.

But your favorite color actually says more about you, more than just what Popsicle you want to eat.



If your favorite color is black, and yes those people exist, then it means they are artistic and sensitive. They don't love sharing personal information with other people, and are usually pessimistic about the world.

Those who love black have a realistic view of the world and are extremely sophisticated.



Anyone who loves white also loves to keep a clean and tidy life. You won't find mess or clutter anywhere near them, and their organization skills are off the charts.

Those who love white also have a sense of purity and innocence around them, though often times it is a facade and not true at all.



If you love red, then you're one of the most outgoing people around. Anyone who chooses red as their favorite color is bold, confident, and extreme extroverts.

You love making friends and being the center of attention, and also being a huge flirt. Those who wear red on a first date are more likely to invoke attraction from their potential partner.



If you love blue, like I do, you are extremely even-keeled through every day life. Because it's the color of the ocean, blue is generally associated with feelings of serenity. You can stay calm in most situations, which makes you a great problem solver.

Those who wear blue are generally perceived as lovable, easy to get along with, and extremely reliable. You love harmony in the world around you, which is why you strive to keep things clean.



My other favorite color, and this feels a little personal. Those who love green often put too much emphasis on security and money, leaving other aspects of life behind. They are also obsessed with what other people think of them, and will do anything to make sure they are loved by all.

But just because they focus on success and money, doesn't mean those who love green ignore their personal relationships. Anyone who loves green is extremely loyal and affectionate, making them great friends to keep.



Most teachers probably love yellow, or at least the description sounds like they would. Anyone who chooses yellow as their favorite color loves learning and in turn, sharing that knowledge with others. Positivity exudes from all yellow lovers.

It's a good thing they're positive, too, because those who love yellow are often underestimated by those around them. But they're too busy looking at the half-full glass to care.



If you love purple, people have probably referred to you as "quirky" or "eccentric" and there's nothing wrong with that. Those who love purple often get lost in their own mystical world, forgetting that reality is right in front of them.

They believe in horoscopes, tarot cards, and anything else that is other-worldly.



Brown may seem like a "plain" color to love, but those who love it aren't plain at all. They love being a dependable friend who will do anything you need them to. Unless, of course, you're asking for money.

Brown lovers try to avoid drama at all costs. They love their stable lives and wouldn't dare to compromise that.



If you love orange, you're probably all over the place. It's not a bad thing, but you just go with the flow and try not to get tied down at all. You consistently want to be the center of attention.

But according to Faber Birren, who studies color, those who love orange are less likely to marry, as they don't want the commitment and have a hard time connecting with people.



Those who love grey are about as exciting as their color. They are afraid of commitment, emotionless, boring, detached, and indecisive.

Grey lovers don't have any major likes or dislikes, and they're pretty much neutral on all things. They lack passion in their every day lives, which is why their favorite color is grey.



Anyone who chooses pink as their favorite color refuses to accept the impending reality of adulthood. They want to stay in a childhood state forever, even though they have responsibilities to deal with.

That being said, pink lovers are some of the best friends to have, because they are always up for adventure!

What is your favorite color?

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