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Grammy-Winner Staged A Hilarious Protest After Being Snubbed By An Award Show

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Would you know a Grammy Award-winning country singer who has sold hundreds of thousands of records if you passed them in the street? Sturgill Simpson proved that you probably wouldn't.

Simpson in concert.Rolling Stone

Since he hit the country music scene in 2013 as an independent artist, Simpson has developed a cult following and earned lots of awards for his music. He made both NPR and Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of the Year lists in 2014, and his record A Sailor's Guide to Earth won the Best Country Album award at this year's Grammys.

Simpson accepts his Grammy Award. His record was also nominated for Album of the Year.CMT

But despite his success it seems like Simpson couldn't even get invited to this year's Country Music Association awards. His album didn't get any nominations at the awards show, and while a spokesperson says Simpson wasn't banned from the ceremony, the artist got the impression that he wasn't exactly welcome either.

Sturgill Simpson / Twitter

So he showed up to busk in front of the awards ceremony's Nashville venue instead. Simpson dropped a guitar case in front of the Bridgestone Arena the night of the CMAs, with a sign that read "Struggling country singer … anything helps. (All donations go to the ACLU) God Bless America."

While he was trying to play a little joke on the CMAs about being left out of the ceremony, the joke was on Simpson later that night.

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