Couple Lived Through Their Worst Fears After Finding A "Black Hole" In Their Smoke Detector

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Couple Lived Through Their Worst Fears After Finding A "Black Hole" In Their Smoke Detector

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The first two things we need to consider when planning a vacation is how we're going to get there, and where we're going to stay.

Nowadays, the hardest part may be the latter.

We're constantly on the hunt for deals, and since the internet has introduced a number of great websites, we won't be afraid to pounce on the best option.

Derek Starnes and his wife are among many couples who are looking for a good accommodation deal while on vacation, and they, like thousands of other people, have rented a holiday home using the app Airbnb.

The website and app allows people to rent out their homes or apartments to guests for short stays.

But once the couple arrived at their holiday home in Longboat Key, Florida, they noticed something strange in the smoke detector.

There was a camera recording their every move!

A woman traveling from Georgia to South Carolina had faced a similar situation. She was shocked to discover where the camera was hidden in the room she rented.

The 26-year-old woman, a traveling nurse, rented a room from 35-year-old Cesar Adam Mendez Fuentes in Greenville, South Carolina, but she found it suspicious that an alarm clock appeared in her room a few days into her stay.

"She began manipulating the alarm clock and realized there wasn't an on or off switch," Greenville Police Sgt. Johnathan Bragg told Fox Carolina. "So she realized it was probably a camera and she left the apartment."

Bragg said installing a camera in a rented space is a complete invasion of privacy.

"The camera in your own space and in your own home is fine," Bragg said. "But when you have an Airbnb and you're renting it out for purposes of spying on someone or looking at someone in an intimate space such as a bedroom dresser, that's where it crosses the line of voyeurism."

Airbnb released a statement regarding the incident and confirmed that Mendez Fuentes was "permanently banned" from the site.

"Airbnb takes privacy extremely seriously and there is absolutely no place in our community for this kind of illegal and outrageous behavior. The individual involved has been permanently banned from our community and our guest has received our full support. We have reached out to law enforcement to offer our assistance with their investigation," the company said. "We hope justice will be served quickly. Cameras are never allowed in bathrooms or bedrooms and any other camera must be disclosed ahead of time."

Mendez Fuentes was arrested on Dec. 9 and charged with voyeurism.

Do you feel comfortable renting an Airbnb room? Let us know!

[Source: Fox News]

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