Create Your Own Rustic Wood Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

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Create Your Own Rustic Wood Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

If you are looking for a unique and cool way to display your impressive mug collection, you should give this awesome DIY project a go! This Woof Pallet Coffee Cup Holder is rustic and vintage looking while remaining super practical and easy to make!

If I can make it, anyone can make it! It's really incredible all the different things you can do with a pallet, but this one might just be my favorite!

Materials Needed:

  • Pallet - cut a full pallet down to size (just over 1/4 of the entire pallet)
  • Hooks
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • White paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Letter stencils


After you have picked the best corner of your pallet and cut it down to size, use sandpaper to lightly sand off any rough patches.

Line up your stencil at the top and use white paint (or which ever color you choose) to spell out what you want. We went the simple "Coffee".

Then you can start screwing in your hooks. Spread them out enough that your cups won't hit each other when you go to hang them up. These were just simple hooks you can find at most hardware stores. They came with screws but if your don't don't forget to pick some up!

It doesn't need to be perfect, once you have all the cups on there you won't really notice anyway. Also, if anyone asks you can say it adds to the vintage feel!

You can use what ever kind of mounting hardware that you prefer on the back of the pallet and then hang it on the wall.

Your mugs will look great on display!