15 Gemstones To Help You Connect With The Realm Of Angels

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15 Gemstones To Help You Connect With The Realm Of Angels


Have you ever wondered what the connection between healing crystals and angels are?

They're not just rocks, they're much more than that, which is why there's a gemstone for every zodiac sign.

Crystals are made from the Earth and hold a direct link with the realm of the angels.

The more you know what each crystal is capable of, the better you can unleash its unique powers.

1. Amethyst

If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, find yourself this gorgeous violet crystal.

They channel the angel responsible for transformation, who work to strengthen your body to prepare you for big changes in life.

If you're nearing an important life milestone, keep an amethyst close by to help calm you down during times of stress and encourage you to radiate positive energy.

2. Rose Quartz

This crystal is strongly connected to your heart chakra, which channels the angel of love.

The stone will work to help you find love within yourself, as well as others.

If you're going through a rough patch with your significant other, rub your rose quartz stone for good luck.

The angels will help you develop a deeper connection with your loved ones.

3. Emerald

Emeralds attract guardian angels, who are responsible for guiding an individual in the right direction.

Many people have trouble noticing the signs of their presence, and that's when this stone comes in play.

This crystal will enhance your dreams, creativity, and help you become more patient, which is exactly what you need to become aware of your guardian angel's presence and the impact they have in your life.

4. Halite

Halites are formed by the evaporation of sea water, and are associated with the angel of happiness.

They send warm, positive energy to anyone who comes in close contact with them.

This is why you'll see many people decorate their homes with Himalayan salt lamps.

Halites also have a special property in which they can cleanse bad energy in your home.

5. Selenite

This gorgeous white crystal is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.

Selenite is believed to be associated with higher consciousness.

Many people place these crystals in four corners of their room to gain more clarity in their life.

Some have even claimed that this crystal wards off negative energy and enhances spiritual gifts within oneself.

6. Amber

Amber is one of the world's oldest stones, so you can safely assume that it holds a lot of wisdom and magical powers.

This gemstone protects against evil spirits and encourages your guardian angel to keep a close eye on you.

If you're having trouble making a decision, this crystal will mitigate your tendency to be indecisive.

7. Moldavite

It might be very hard to get your hands on one of these crystals, but the effects it can have on your life are mindblowing.

Moldavites are actually not from this planet. They came from a meteor that impacted modern day Germany millions of years ago.

This forest green crystal attracts angels that can elevate you to the spirit realm.

8. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is another crystal that creates a powerful connection with the spirit world.

They're believed to get their dark color from absorbing negative energy.

If you have any emotional blockages, keep this stone close by to give you clarity.

9. Smoky Quartz

This crystal attracts angels that help you become more in touch with the higher realm.

Say you need to better decipher a dream or can't spend more than a minute meditating without thinking about fears about the future, keep a smoky quartz close by to help calm you down.

Your angels are working to guide you. Now is the time you trust that you're in good hands.

10. Seraphinite

This green crystal is believed to enhance spiritual enlightenment, which in turn will show you the path to self healing.

Its name is inspired from the highest order of angels, the Seraphim, who have a very close connection to God.

11. Apophyllite

Does everything in your life feel like it's in shambles?

This majestic white crystal sends healing energies that work to piece your life back together.

Apophyllites help to activate the third eye chakra and help you enter the realm of higher consciousness.

Here you will gain more clarity about your life and realize where things went wrong.

12. Moonstone

This bluish-white stone is an amulet worn by travelers to protect and guide them on the path of wisdom.

Moonstones are also said to help women find inner balance and tranquility.

If you a work a high stress job or are embarking on a new journey, this gemstone will help you feel relaxed and safe.

13. Aquamarine

This stone was believed to be treasured by mermaids and sailors. It's also deeply connected with the angel of happiness.

Aquamarine makes you realize all the negative energy around you, and encourages you to let go of things or people that bring you down.

This way you can finally reach your potential and live life to the fullest.

14. Turquoise

This greenish-blue stone is associated with magic and wisdom.

People who wear a turquoise accessory are believed to be more in tune with the realm of angels.

Native Americans use this crystal to create a connection between Heaven and Earth.

15. Yellow Calcite

These yellow stones channel angels that help to bring confidence in our lives.

There are many times that a door to an amazing opportunity opens for us, but we're so fearful to take that chance.

Keep this crystal close by and know that everything will be okay.

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