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Cat Interrupts Live Broadcast Because It Wanted Pets and It Wanted Them Meow

Matias Salo runs a horse stable (Salo Stable) in Finland with the help of his affectionate little calico cat.

When the adorable kitty notices that her human is conveniently sitting down outside, she quickly stops her playing and races over to him for some cuddles.

As soon as the friendly girl spotted her human sitting down with a guest, she just had to introduce herself!

The friendly calico climbed up onto her human first to say 'hello' and get some cuddles. Salo calmly pats the sweet girl as she rubs her face against his. Clearly these two have a special bond!

The affectionate calico then climbed up on to his shoulder and gave him a few more loving rubs. Her loud purrs could be heard on the microphone as she made her way down for some well-deserved cuddles.

Meanwhile, Joanna Kuvaja, the TV show host, kept interviewing Salo as he calmly answered her questions.

Then she caught the loving kitty's eye...

Kuvaja could hardly stop from smiling as the sweet little girl climbed all over her. As the calico made her way onto the interviewer's shoulder, the TV host couldn't help but laugh...

I can't say anything because of the purring... Do I have something on my shoulder?" she joked.

They may have come to interview her human, but it's clear that this little snuggle queen stole the show!

Koska kissavideot.

Posted by MTV Ravit on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[h/t Love Meow]