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Watch: Dad Catches His Hockey-Loving Son Cheering On The Team While He's Asleep

A father of two young boys from New Jersey caught his son doing something very strange when he should've been sleeping.

While his wife was spending the night with some friends, Noel Flynn was looking after his two sons Brandon, who's 2, and Ben, who's 16 months old. Everything went smoothly, and Flynn's kids had been in bed for about an hour when he suddenly heard a strange noise coming from their room.

Using his nursery camera to check on them, Flynn discovered that Brandon - who loves the New York Rangers hockey team - had been cheering them on in his crib.

While this isn't a problem many parents have to deal with, Flynn says it's only natural for Brandon, who's been obsessed with hockey since he went to his first game last year. He says Brandon's first words every morning are "Daddy let's play hockey!"

It takes real dedication to cheer your team on while you're yawning, and Brandon was recognized by the Rangers when they tweeted out this hilarious video to their fans.

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