Did you ever attend one of these parties?

Back before we had internet shopping, online chat rooms, and malls on every corner, we had to find other ways to keep entertained.

One of the best ways? Tupperware parties. A wonderful time to do some Tupperware shopping, but more importantly: get together with some friends.

"My mother had a strange aversion to Tupperware. It wasn’t the brand that specifically peeved her; all plastic containers were taboo in our household," recalls Alexis Velez. "Storing leftovers in the porous tubs made her cringe and in my house growing up it was only glass, Anchor Hocking or Pyrex. Yet whenever one of her friends invited her over to a Tupperware party, she always made sure to put on her best dress and venture on out for a “what I thought“ was a dull afternoon of tea, stale pastries, and sales pitches."

"What I came to realize was that her love of Tupperware parties had little to do with the plastic containers. Not at all. For my mother it was all about the other kind of ‘dish’," says Velez. These hour-long affairs were the perfect opportunity to spend time chewing on a juicy pieces of fresh gossip, and if it happened to include putting up with some talk about some colorful new Tupperware designs, that was just fine with her."

It's true! How many times did you go to a Tupperware and leave empty handed but overloaded with new gossip or renewed friendships?

There are still Tupperware parties now, and even Pampered Chef parties, but they don't have the same feel as back in the day!

Do you remember going to Tupperware parties?

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